Insights is our three squared blog page where we periodically post on interesting topics related to our ever changing industry (and sometimes just things we ponder outside of a normal work day).

(3 “More”) Rising Web Design Trends

Periodically, we like to take a look at [3] rising web design trends. Here are three more (of many) new web design trends on the rise over the course of 2018 and into 2019. 1. Data Storytelling Over the last several years we’ve witnessed a boom in animated...

VR, AR, MR + 360°?  – #Help!

I’ll go ahead and stop you at the start. Yes, I realize there have been a lot of recent articles published about this topic. But with three squared doing more & more of this kind of work for clients, we felt the need to at least put in our two-cents on it.

(3) Rising Web Design Trends

In the spirit of our brand, the number three and the industry we work in, we want to periodically take a look at [3] rising web design trends. Here are three (of many) new web design trends on the rise over the course of 2018. 1. Web animation In a fast...

Why Do We Love Memes?

There is very little doubt. I’m sure you’ve read this same type of post many times over in some way, shape or form. But, because they (much like memes themselves) never seem to get old, we thought we would take a few minutes to explore why we love memes so much.

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