Jolokia Partnership

three squared and Jolokia announce strategic partnership providing end-to-end solution for training, corporate communications.

Partnership allows enterprises to use award winning creative team to produce high quality video content and to then deploy that content on an interactive platform augmented with applied AI.

Content + Platform

three squared and Jolokia bring the best content creation paired with a modern online video training and communications platform.

19 years of experience producing turnkey video content for clients, including training & education, corporate identity, product & solution demos, animation, visual effects and immersive media.
three squared provides:
  • Award-winning script to screen production services for Enterprises and organizations with a need for engaging, effective video content (writing, location production, post production)
  • Animation and visual effects to make telling more complicated stories easy while entertaining the audience
  • Leading edge content through Immersive Media (360 Video, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality)
  • Nationwide production network strategically aligned across nearly 20 US states, helping save location production time and travel expenses for clients.
  • Proven track record of producing video content across a wide range of industry including healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, education and construction.
Jolokia is an intelligent online video service provider whose product, Inferno, supports clients that require integration with enterprise systems, custom workflow, cognitive search and discovery, interactive features and secure multi-CDN streaming in front of and behind the firewall. Jolokia has been providing top products and service in the video streaming space for 10+ years.
Inferno 2.0 platform provides:
  • Live secure HD video, for Enterprises and organizations with a need for High-end Streaming Video
  • Cognitive enrichment of every video for closed captioning and semantic search and discovery of video
  • Cloud based webcasting solution requires no software or plugin’s – meaning user Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Ability to customize solutions to each customer’s needs

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