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Kimberly-Clark is harnessing the machine-to-machine con­nectivity of the Internet of Things to bring distribution sales professionals and their customers a smart restroom man­agement system called Onvation. The system provides up-to-the-minute monitoring of restroom conditions from any device or location, 24 hours a day. It enables building managers to reallocate resources to enhance productivity and can be used to make informed decisions about bud­geting, planning and scheduling.
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Onvation 360

The core of our Onvation related efforts centered on VR & AR where our team produced a trade show/event game for KC with the HTC Vive. Guests take turns playing a virtual Pictionary-style game in VR, while other guests participate with an external monitor. KC’s marketing team was able to capture guest information, entertain and even automatically follow up with a customized email and web­site, summarizing the guest’s experience.
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Onvation AR Demo

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Onvation VR Demo