Cartoon Network | Steven Universe DVD Authoring

Turner engaged our team for DVD authoring services associated with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe franchise. The new release, entitled Steven Universe – The Heart of the Crystal Gems contains 10 episodes and over 132 minutes of content. It is the coming-of-age stories of a young boy, Steven Universe, who lives with the Crystal Gems, magical, humanoid aliens named Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst in the fictional town of Beach City.
Reeling from new information about Steven’s mom, Rose Quartz, the Crystal Gems feel like they’re falling apart! Ruby and Sapphire are at odds for the first time – what will happen to Garnet?
A joyful celebration is interrupted when the final battle comes to Beach City – can Steven lead the Crystal Gems to victory? Will they have the strength to pull together and show Home-world the true heart of the Crystal Gems?